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Apparently someone tried to hack in to my blog and change my password. To this person I say, “hey, you, I know I don’t blog much but please leave a poor (literally) girl in peace. Want my username? Find a time machine and beat me to it. Want to post illicit or unseemly materials? Dude, just put a number at the end of my name and you’re good to go. If you genuinely thought my blog was yours…I am sad to say it is not. Good luck to you.”

To all my readers (all two of you): keep on the watch for crazies!!


Wedding Planning Genius Move

I’m planning on a larger post about our wedding specifics once I can sit down and write about our engagement but I wanted to give you guys some quick link love.

If you haven’t heard of the website Pinterest, you probably aren’t 1.) a creative person or 2.) a giant internet nerd. Since I am BOTH, I was linked here by a great friend, Clare. Incidentally, she took our awesome proposal photos which I will re-post here soon. She is usually the most “on top” of things in the creative world and I’m so glad she shared this awesome site with me!

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Two years, too many changes to count

Over the last two years since I stopped blogging my entire life has changed. I sometimes can’t believe how many things have happened and what a different girl I am now. I have wanted to come back and write so many times but life has constantly gotten in the way. I’ve even considered starting a brand new blog since life is so different now. But the truth is, my past is part of who I am now. So I decided I’ll come back and start where I am. Hopefully we can get caught up, if you’re not a Facebook friend, that is 🙂

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In case you were wondering…

My show went really well! It was my first experience watching the public reacting to my work. It was also the first time I was a dot.com (www.heatherbraman.com) and walked around packing fancy business cards with my info printed on them. First time I experienced having to “sell” myself. Not a fan. I doubt any artist would say they love having to self-promote. I was encouraged when, at the end of the night, the dean of the school (purchaser of my painting) told me that he thought I had done a good job with the crowd. Guess I’ll have to take his word for it!

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Fashion Forward

So the last week or so has been full of shopping for this busy bee. I’ve been trying to find the perfect dress to wear to my art opening this Friday. For those of you that don’t already know, the school purchased one of my paintings and it will be showcased in a city-wide group exhibition. Interested in attending the reception, click here for show information.

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She’s here!!

My beautiful, perfect niece arrived on June 17th, the day before Dad’s birthday. It was such an exciting, eventful day and we were lucky enough to be in East Texas to meet her on Friday once the adoption was final. My sister-in-law has started a blog to share their awesome story and also to keep everyone caught up on their journey now that Georgia Claire has become part of their family. If you’re interested, here’s the link: Bountiful Blessings.

As an already proud Aunt, desperately in love with this little girl, I have to share a couple of pictures from the weekend.

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I keep crying. It must be SUMMER!

My friend recently informed me that when the weather gets hot, people become MEAN! I have been reduced to tears a couple of times this week over mean comments from people and today I decided to recognize that maybe they are just reacting to their own stuff. I’m not going to let it get me down any more!

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Greatest moment in the last few days:

Me:  “I may be subconsciously in love with Jon Stewart.”

Him:  ” I may be consciously in love with Jon Stewart.”

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Mind Games and Small Workspaces

Cleaned up my office tonight in an effort to clear the room for painting. Unfortunately, all that ended up happening was me stumbling upon mountains of unfinished projects, memories and gifts I never got around to sending out at Christmas time. But at least it’s clean. Tomorrow, it will be all painting, all night. I swear.

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Just So You Know

I updated the pages on my blog so make sure you check them out! I’m going to try and keep this thing much more updated this summer. Of course, I would be much more inclined if some of you lurkers would comment and make sure I know you’re still reading!

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