Just So You Know

I updated the pages on my blog so make sure you check them out! I’m going to try and keep this thing much more updated this summer. Of course, I would be much more inclined if some of you lurkers would comment and make sure I know you’re still reading!

The semester is officially winding down. I had my last painting class today and my drawing final is tomorrow morning. After next Wednesday’s painting final, I will be done! It’s been great and for the first time ever, I’m really sad to see it all end! The good news is that I will be taking painting this summer as continuing ed. That way, I can use the facilities and benefit from the artists and teachers input.

Went to see Star Trek tonight with Mom and Dad. It was great! I highly recommend it. My love for JJ Abrams abounds. If you see/have seen it, can you spot the Slusho easter egg? Genius.

I’ve got a bit of drawing reviewing to do before tomorrow so I’m signing off. Have a good weekend!


2 responses to “Just So You Know

  1. Just so you know… I’ve been working on that P&P song! It’s good for me to work out with my left hand and not just play chords!

    (Surely more folks read this blog than comment on it. SURELY.)
    (Some folks are just shy…)

  2. Heather Bee

    You’re so kind, Nancy. And I’m pretty sure the only readers are getting bounced here from Google for an entry I wrote about Twilight back in the day. I’ll be excited to hear the song when you’re ready! Sorry I requested a difficult piece!

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