Wedding Planning Genius Move

I’m planning on a larger post about our wedding specifics once I can sit down and write about our engagement but I wanted to give you guys some quick link love.

If you haven’t heard of the website Pinterest, you probably aren’t 1.) a creative person or 2.) a giant internet nerd. Since I am BOTH, I was linked here by a great friend, Clare. Incidentally, she took our awesome proposal photos which I will re-post here soon. She is usually the most “on top” of things in the creative world and I’m so glad she shared this awesome site with me!

Pinterest is an incredible resource for anyone in the planning stages of…well, pretty much anything. You can “pin” images from around the web to your boards via a simple shortcut in your browser. There are boards ranging from celebrity crushes to baby clothes but the real strength is in the gathering power from all over the internet. It’s still in its early stages, which means its still awesome. It’s ad-free and totally free to sign up and I love every thing about it.

The amount of wedding and event pinnage (is that a word? It is now.) is massive and I will credit the site for helping me get loads of planning done over the last month. I have been able to gather things I’ve liked from every blog, google search and stumble imaginable and keep it all in the same place. It’s like a virtual idea or concept board for our wedding at a glance. It’s helped me come up with a real image of what I want the day to look like that was difficult to achieve from clipping bridal and fashion magazines. With the unlimited depth of the internet, how could monthly publications possibly come close to this? I have been so grateful that I can quickly pin something in a fifteen minute planning session before running out the door and when I come home, I can review my pins and not wonder “What was it I liked earlier?” It is also keeping my bookmarks a lot less crowded and I’m able to really only bookmark the things I know for SURE I want to do.

So if you’re planning a wedding or planning to redo your guest bathroom, check out Pinterest and also feel free to follow my boards if you want to see my planning progress.

My Pinterest Boards


2 responses to “Wedding Planning Genius Move

  1. hip hip hooray for Pinterest! genius idea. wish I’d thought of it.

  2. Heather Bee

    So do I!

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