Sharing the fruits of my labor

Hello, fair readers! It’s been forever, I know. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been busy at school, creating art. I miss having the time to catch you all up and reflect on life in general but I have good results to share! Four pieces of my art were featured in our student art show at school!

I had many friends show up on the day of the artist’s reception in support. It was so fantastic. And since then, many friends have traveled to the school to check it out for themselves! The other day, my friend Nancy took a car full of us from work up to check it out in person. She was even kind enough to write about it on her blog! She took some great pictures. Check it out HERE.

The semester is winding down, I’m getting a little bummed and finishing my final painting. This summer I’ve set a goal for myself to complete six paintings, all based on my final painting – photographs of Fisher Price Little People. I wish I could explain my idea in words but right now, it’s just coming to me in pictures. I’ll let you know the progress. It’s going to be a great summer. I can’t wait!


If you get a minute…

And I’m back!

So my laptop is back! And badder than ever! I’ve been living without the “real” internet for the last month. If I did not have my iPhone, I swear I would have lost my mind. I have been reeling over the all the things I missed! Flash websites! Real Facebook! ACTUAL video, even if it’s not youtube!! I’m just glad to be back.

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Thank you, Tommy

He was right. Charcoal is my new bff.


Laptop still broken. Hope you can see the images.

Technical Roadblocks

So my laptop died. I got so frustrated with it last night that I finally just went to bed. I’m sorry I didn’t get to post an entry yesterday but today I remembered! iPhone takes pictures! iPhone has a wordpress app! I CAN do this. So here are two entries to catch you up.

A New Direction

So here’s the thing. I’ve been thinking a lot (a lot, a lot) about the problem I’ve been having of keeping the writing AND the art alive at once. It seems that my creative and emotional juices are flowing out in a big way and my witty, analytical side is taking an extended holiday. Given the current state of things, a change needs to take place and I think my blog is an excellent place to start.

On the long car trip home from Vidor on Wednesday, my mind was racing and my heart was longing for a way to make it stop. All I wanted to do was put paint and paper together and make something to get all my feelings OUT.

And then I had a stroke of genius. I have recently started a new hobby called “art journaling”, which is basically writing about what’s going on and adding art. Sound like the perfect solution?? I thought so.

So I am renewing my commitment to daily posting. But it will no longer be writing. For now, I will post a picture of my journal pages to better give the impression of what is going on. If you’re worried about privacy, don’t. I’m keeping two journals, one for your eyes and one for my eyes only.

I am working up a few pages to get me on my feet and I will begin posting on Monday. Keep your eyes peeled, people!!

Distracted by life

Sorry for the serious lack of entries lately. The new year has started and has kicked off in high gear. I’m trying to get my life under control, struggling with the idea of lack of control, feeling loved and rejected on a daily basis and mostly just getting by on TODAY.

School has started and I could not be more excited. I have thought a lot about the fact that I am getting a late start and even felt bad about how long it took me to figure out what I should be doing with my life. Today, while sitting in my first drawing class of the semester, it occurred to me how perfectly timed everything has been. I was supposed to take this class during THIS semester, with this teacher. I needed this right now. I just can’t wait to get started!

Be on the watch for several more entries this week. I need to watch LOST one more time before commencing my blog about that. As for me, I am heading to bed early for the third time in three days. It looks like I’m becoming an old lady…appropriately timed, as my birthday is coming up one week from today! Yikes.

Oh wait! I almost forgot. Do you need cheering up? Click.

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