Sharing the fruits of my labor

Hello, fair readers! It’s been forever, I know. If it makes you feel better, I’ve been busy at school, creating art. I miss having the time to catch you all up and reflect on life in general but I have good results to share! Four pieces of my art were featured in our student art show at school!

I had many friends show up on the day of the artist’s reception in support. It was so fantastic. And since then, many friends have traveled to the school to check it out for themselves! The other day, my friend Nancy took a car full of us from work up to check it out in person. She was even kind enough to write about it on her blog! She took some great pictures. Check it out HERE.

The semester is winding down, I’m getting a little bummed and finishing my final painting. This summer I’ve set a goal for myself to complete six paintings, all based on my final painting – photographs of Fisher Price Little People. I wish I could explain my idea in words but right now, it’s just coming to me in pictures. I’ll let you know the progress. It’s going to be a great summer. I can’t wait!


2 responses to “Sharing the fruits of my labor

  1. I’m getting lots of hits on my blog. It’s either they’re coming to see your art work, or they found my blog on my new Facebook account…. which is taking over my life…….. help!

    Seriously, though, your art work is AMAZING!! I’m so proud to show it off.

  2. auntbea0417

    I checked out Nancy’s blog and loved seeing the art work. I had seen a little of it on your mom’s facebook but these pics were great. You did an awesome job. Keep up the good work. Also, the new look on your blog is very much “you.”

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