And I’m back!

So my laptop is back! And badder than ever! I’ve been living without the “real” internet for the last month. If I did not have my iPhone, I swear I would have lost my mind. I have been reeling over the all the things I missed! Flash websites! Real Facebook! ACTUAL video, even if it’s not youtube!! I’m just glad to be back.

The only real news I have to share is that school is going incredibly well. I’m getting the kind of encouragment from my teachers that I really only ever dreamed about. I keep pinching myself and remembering that I had nothing to worry about. At this point, my only struggle is that I have to be patient and complete all the steps I have before me in order to get what I want. It’s honestly not helping to know that I’m ABLE and it’s still not time. But the good news is, I’m in love with painting. And it’s all I think about. Spring Break is, therefore, torture.

I’m away from my camera but I’m going to upload a pic from drawing class. A self-portrait. Apparently “WHEN” I’m famous, self-portaits will be important to my body of work. Did you see that? When. From the mouth of someone who just got back from New York City where his paintings were featured in The Armory Show. After my double-take, I’ve decided to deal with things like that by simply saying, “Ok.” Crazy.

I have a feeling Spring Break (which actually adds up to two weeks to get tons of work done) might actually be super inspiring. I’ve been leafing through a Van Gogh book all night. Our current painting project is to paint the subject of our choice, using the color scheme of a master work. My color scheme will be from his Seascape at Saintes-Maries.


The subject is a photograph I took of Merlin in Colorado last August. l-640-480-cd8076c0-674f-4364-8ed5-adf3b36fbf1f.jpeg

It’s gonna be sweet! See you soon!


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