Healing, growing and moving on

So my plan tonight included starting one of my new books I recently procured. But then I wandered into the blogosphere and started reading about friends’ resolutions for the new year and goodbyes to the year that passed. And now I’m sitting here feeling inspired.

First of all, it’s four days into 2009 and I am already feeling so optimistic about this year! I have long had this theory about how when things get to a certain level, you can only go up from there. Mainly because going backwards is unacceptable. It’s that way with friendships, work ethic, expectations, etc. It seems that is also starting to apply to my life. For a long time, I thought my life was at it’s pinnacle – that things would never get better. And let me tell you, those times were light years below where I am now. The bar is set and I refuse to let myself settle for less.

I’ve got a list of resolutions that are pretty personal but I will share some of them here.

1. Make time to scrapbook – my huge stash of supplies and my awesomely organized craft room definitely didn’t get used as often as I had intended in 2008. I’m going to make it a priority. Even while I’m in school.

2. Get in shape – I have let my healthy eating regimen kindof get out of control since this summer. I gotta cut back and actually stick to it. And I really want to get moving. I don’t have access to a gym anymore but I am thinking about signing up for some sort of class (Yoga, Pilates, etc.) this year. I might recruit some girls to keep me motivated.

3. Travel – I did my yearly sabbatical down to The Woodlands and I also got to see Miss Laurel and a lot of NM, AZ and CO but I definitely want to get out of Texas more this year. On the list for sure is Chicago. After that, who knows. I had a dream last night that convinced me I need to go get my passport. That’s step one. Using it will be step two.

4. Have authentic relationships – I’ve been striving for this for a while and some people I didn’t think I could trust did get kinda cut out. I feel like life is too short to be unsure of where you stand with your friends. I’m going to be continuing on this vein in 09 but I’m also going to make time to invest in my awesome friendships. I’m seriously the luckiest girl on the planet when it comes to the people I have around me. Quality time and one-on-one conversation is going to be a priority.

There are definitely more things on my list and I will be trying my darndest to keep it up. To finish off the year, I’m stealing an idea from another blogger and posting my favorite 8 photos of my life in 08. Enjoy!


On my 26th birthday. My life captured in one picture. For reals.


My first vote. Stayed for hours in a historic caucus for Obama.


Freak spring blizzard. Most snow I’ve seen since I was a little girl.


Blurry picture of Dad on his last Sunday as Music Minister. 20 of us skipped church and invaded a local place and had brunch. My memories of that sad day are also tempered with memories of being surrounded by my dearest friends and seeing my Dad smile.


Me and Laurel at the Grand Canyon. This may be my favorite picture of the year.


Merlin on the ranch in Colorado. Most soul-restoring trip I’ve been on in a very long time.


My first day back in school. I was so nervous but when I saw the room, I knew I had made the right choice. All the tables were covered in paint.


Self-portrait after getting my tattoo. Clare kindly retouched the photo for me. I love it.

There you have it. The year of changes. The year of new beginnings and growth and spreading my wings. All in pictures. Looking at that first picture just makes me happy because I know that this time next year, I’ll be one up on this girl. I can’t wait. Bring it on, ’09.


2 responses to “Healing, growing and moving on

  1. jocelyn

    please add NYC to your ‘o9 itinerary. thx! :o)

  2. Bubba

    I’m so glad I made your fave photos list! Put Kilgore on your list too……

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