I will run and I’ll be okay…

I’m making a CD for someone for Christmas and I started listening to some of my older Dave Matthews stuff and I remembered my very favorite version of his song “The Stone”. It was a solo version he did on the Charlie Rose show after an awesome interview. All hail…the glory of YouTube! I found it!

If you weren’t aware, back in the day I was a HUGE Dave Matthews fan. Now his music is a time capsule. It takes me back to high school, sitting around while the guys figured out how to play his songs on the guitar. Then to college when my boyfriend burned my first live show to CD for me for Christmas (It took up like six CDs at the time). Sidenote: DMB fans pioneered the taping and trading practice. I remember watching a VH1 show about superfans in like 1999 and a girl had collected something like 60 shows…on CASSETTE. Good times.

I think I might dust off my favorite versions of some of his songs and transport myself back in time for a little while…


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