“I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

Alright, so I got to see Twilight tonight! I stayed away from reviews from friends and news sites, just because I wanted to walk into the theatre with ZERO expectation. Click if you want to read what I thought.

I accidentally stumbled on a few people’s opinions last night on the interwebs. It seems the biggest complaints were about Kristen Stewart’s acting, Rob’s reactions to her smell in the first biology class and the overall appearance of the Cullen family.

I was blown away by how well the movie kept with the book. The first hour was purely build-up, just as it was in the book, to the very first time Edward opens his mouth and speaks to Bella. All of the other kids at the high school were exactly as they should be. I loved Mike. He was perfect.

The first appearance of the Cullens totally lived up to my vision. Especially with Jessica’s commentary as they all walked into the cafeteria. Ohhh I am so glad I didn’t see this movie at midnight, by the way. The second Edward appeared, the girl behind me inhaled audibly. I can only imagine the squeals that must have occurred on opening night. Haha!

I will completely defend Kristen Stewart’s Bella, mainly because I really hate Bella in the books. Hate. She never reacts in a normal way. I have had such a long, drawn out discussion about her with my good friend, Tammy. We decided that Stephanie Meyer must be writing Bella as herself. She reacts in a way that is completely inorganic with the world and character Meyer sets up, as if her own agenda overshadows anything that might naturally occur out of good writing. So that being said, playing such a silly female was already going to be hard. I thought Stewart did a fantastic job with the material she had been given. The truth is, she brought Bella to life in a way that she never did to me when I was reading the books.

As far as Rob’s reaction to her scent in that first biology class…I thought it was perfect. Bella is convinced for those days he is absent that he is physically repulsed by her. She is consumed with anger that he could despise her without even speaking one word to her. That look on his face was pretty convincing disgust. Thinly veiled restraint. Consumed with thoughts of killing everyone in the room just to escape. I got it. Why the giggling, respective movie audiences??

Yeah, ok, so the makeup on the Cullens was a little cakey. Especially on Carlilse. I had a pretty fundamental problem with them casting a man who is a natural brunette, tanned, LA actor. But, whatever. They didn’t ask me. He did a good job, though.

Alice was perfection. I think she’s my favorite character behind Edward and Bella. Did I miss when she said something about how she saw Bella becoming a vampire? When she brought it up to Edward at the end I felt a little blindsided. Didn’t she mention that when she was forcing her to dress up for the prom? I can’t remember.

All in all, I thought it was true to the material. The chemistry between Rob and Kristen is palpable. I swear, there were moments when they both looked at each other like they could barely take the distance. And that kiss? Reports are, Meyer asked them to use the LESS STEAMY version for the film. I’m not sure I can imagine a steamier version. Phew. Is it hot in here??

Also, I forgot to mention the best part of the evening (besides the company)! HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE TRAILER BEFORE THE MOVIE! Totally shocked. Paige and I needed CPR afterwards.

Downloaded the official Twilight soundtrack when I got home, to have on the background while I worked on my design project. It’s awesome. Rob’s original song, “Never Think”, is really good. Am I wrong or was he singing that in the background of the kissing scene? Worth a listen, if you’re interested.


5 responses to ““I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.”

  1. As a pseudo-continuation of our discussion from last night and a response to this, I think he is singing “Never Think” when they’re kissing. I’ll pay more attention when I see it again on Sunday and let you know. 🙂

  2. kelly

    I am irrevocably in love with rob.

  3. Amanda

    I could not agree more on pretty much everything you said! I went in trying to forget the book, because I did NOT want to compare it at all. I was afraid of disappointment…when the movie was over I realized I was so consumed that I didn’t even remember the book! Of course you know I like Bella, but Kristen was awesome. When the Cullens walked in they looked like movie stars compared to everyone else (just as Bella described them). Their beauty was amazing…then there was Carlilse, when he walked in I think I had to gasp for air. I don’t know what it was but I felt like Bella seeing him for the first time (and I had seen him in costume from movie stills). I wanted to spend more time with Alice. That was the only thing I was disappointed about. The baseball seen had to be my favorite, it was so much fun!!
    Wow this is long…
    The kiss…very steamy and in an interview Rob said the more steamy one Bella was wearing pants?! He was just as confused as we are. “Never Think” fit in perfectly in the cafe scene.
    LOVE it!

  4. Jessica

    he sings never think when theyre in the restaurant in port angeles

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