Why My Mom is the Best

If you know my Mom, you know she’s hilarious. If you don’t, just trust me. The best part is, she has no idea she’s so funny. Totally unintentional. Which makes it even more priceless.

Today when I walked into her sewing room, she was working diligently on some curtains.

Me: “Hi!”
Mom: *spins around in her chair, opens arms wide* “I’m a Twi-Mom!!”

She had just seen a news report about the large lines of women of all ages, waiting to see Twilight. The reporter asked some teenager about the fact that her mom was there with her. She said, “Oh, she’s a Twi-Mom! She likes the books as much as I do!” I love it.

I also really love the gift my Mom gave me last week, in honor of the film opening.


It’s a necklace with a crystal heart, based on the charm that Edward gave Bella in the book. Mommy found it on Etsy and surprised me. It was supposed to be for the night we go see the movie but she got too excited and gave it to me early! So awesome. I wore it today to work because I was mourning the fact that I couldn’t make it to the midnight showing last night.

According to ABC News, midnight showings raked in $7 million! Incredible. It’s going to be big, people. I think it’s probably guaranteed that the rest of the books will get made into movies. I also read that it’s the first potential blockbuster from Summit Studios. Apparently, this was a huge leap for them investment-wise and if it did well, it would put their studio on the map. I’ll bet they were poppin’ some champagne corks last night!

Anyway, it occurs to me that it is pretty awesome that my Mom even cares about a book that I like. And a movie I want to see. I’ve got a Twi-Mom and she’s the best. 🙂


One response to “Why My Mom is the Best

  1. steelstringed

    That’s great! Your mom actually wants to see a vampire movie! The day my mom would want to go see a vampire movie with me is the day I reconvert. And the necklace? Kick ass. A+ for Mrs. Braman.

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