Celebrating literally

In case you weren’t so sure this girl is a Bee, I made it a bit more clear this Halloween.

I was going to break out my old stand-by costume when the mention of a party came up. I ended up buying some wings at the party store and thinking I’d just add it to my already-perfect outfit. The night before the party, I looked EVERYWHERE for my old Bee dress from 2003. Sadly, it is nowhere to be found. I was quite bummed. I ended up buying a dress at Rue 21 that matched my new wings really well. I made the antenna from a headband, chenilles and two puff balls. And, of course, made sure to wear my Queen of Hearts necklace. Just in case you weren’t sure who the Queen Bee was.

All in all, a success. Even if it was impromptu. I think next year I’m going to be more creative and come up with a new costume that I can make myself.


3 responses to “Celebrating literally

  1. You look bee-autiful! (Yes, I went there.)

  2. That is a great picture of you!

    I finally put this on my list of ‘family and friends’! (Thanks for including me on yours.)

  3. KJ

    I LOVE Halloween (as you know) and I think your costume was great. You make a very lovely bee. 🙂

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