Proof that things, they are a changin’

Today was John Mayer’s birthday…

And I totally forgot.

In fact, I didn’t remember until ten minutes ago when I saw it online. Not that I was rolling around previously with JM’s B-Day on alert in my phone. I’m just saying that I was so preoccupied it didn’t even cross my mind.

Glad things are different. Really glad I’ve got my own stuff to deal with.

Slightly sad JM isn’t doing an impromputu Fall concert in Atlanta so I could escape and breathe the smokey air in GA. I miss it. I could use a weekend down there. I wonder if I could make that happen at some point. Maybe at Christmas time? Anyone up for that? KJ?


2 responses to “Proof that things, they are a changin’

  1. KJ

    I could definitely use a get-away, the problem is my life isn’t allowing me any wiggle room.

    If they don’t close the stupid courthouse soon, I’m going to take a hammer and nails and board the thing up myself! 🙂

    I would like to come down there and do some Christmas shopping. Perhaps, I can sneak away and do that?

  2. KJ

    PS – I love those little date blocks in the corner!! How awesome is that?

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