I blame Fall.

Man, it seems like September kicked my entire life into over-drive or something. I feel like every single day has been an exercise in learning or growing and the weird thing is, I’m totally fine. I haven’t had one meltdown or moment where everything felt too overwhelming. I just feel…fine. Like I’m finally making the decisions I need to make and everything is exactly where it is supposed to be. Hopefully this isn’t just the calm before the storm!

School is going really well. It’s no breeze, which is good. I have been really fighting for every A. Fighting in a good way. In a way that stretches me and challenges me. I’m fairly certain it is because I have a really good teacher. I feel like I need to come to class with something great to show him. He’s a working artist and really, that’s enough to solidify his opinion as sound. I finished my third project and turned it in tonight. I think it’s my best one yet! It will be hanging in a small show next week on campus. Maybe I’ll force some of you to come see it on the wall!

My family and I went to see The Impressionists exhibit at the Kimbell last weekend. It blew my mind. I’m so ready to go back and just sit infront of some of these:

I bought a small print of this one by Berthe Morisot:

So inspiring to see some of these works up close.  A few of them (random ones) brought tears to my eyes – and it was never the subject matter. It was seeing the actual brushstroke in the paint. Looking at the purposely placed clumps of color that were put there so long ago and with such passion and conviction! If you are in town, you MUST go. It’s a beautiful exhibition and it won’t disappoint.

We had a schedule change at work and I actually have a day off now! Starting…tomorrow! The first thing I’m going to do is sleep in. Then…I’m gonna go in to work. Haha! Confusing but if I get some stuff done during the day tomorrow I won’t have to go in later to get it done. But did I mention I can go in late? SO EXCITED.

I just feel so good about everything right now. I mentioned to my friend the other day that I am fully committed to living my life authentically and I really am doing so – full force! I thought it would be hard to follow my heart and intuition so willingly but it has been relatively easy. I feel like God is giving me a reassuring pat on the shoulder with every single turn. One could argue that’s just me feeling good about my own decisions but I promise, this peace that I have recently…is the kind that passes all understanding. I should feel panicked about making decisions that lead to *gasp* adulthood…but the only thing I keep feeling is a huge nod of the “YES” variety. In with the Yes, out with the No.

Saying goodbye to the things that make me feel huge amounts of NO feelings is getting easier but only because they are becoming easier to recognize. It’s not fun to go through change and make decisions that I didn’t want make right now. But, like I said…my life is in overdrive. Paige said that when Fall arrives, everything changes. Maybe she’s right. All I know is, I’m committed to it all. I’m not going to look back! Onward! Towards pea coat season!!


2 responses to “I blame Fall.

  1. Bubba

    It was a wonderful exhibit. I was a little awed…

  2. Degas is my favorite. Van Gogh is my second.

    Do you read the Stuff White People Like blog? The new one is pea coats… I can’t wait to wear mine either! It still gets too warm during the day for it, though.

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