Etiquette lesson needed

My Mom is already annoyed by my constant iPhone exploration. I would apologize but I don’t exactly feel bad! This device existed in my head long before Steve Jobs stood on a stage and announced it’s launch two years ago.

I have always looked at my phone and wanted it to do more. And attempting to use mp3 players has always been a frustrating endeavor for me. Even when the iPod was announced I waited to get one (and I never have) because it just didn’t seem to fit.

I don’t really do things without spending loads of time thinking about it. In short, I’m ridiculously happy with my investment. I do apologize if, when we are hanging out in the coming days, you feel neglected due to Ignatius (iPhone). Eventually we will all have sweet touch phones and the world will be equal.


2 responses to “Etiquette lesson needed

  1. I am happy to know that I am not the only one that names their electronic devices. You already know my geekiness has no limits; therefore, I do not feel obligated to offer further proof of that non-existent boundary by divulging any of those names in this space.

    My mother snaps at me when I am using my iPhone. Usually it is when we are dining out and waiting for the meal. I cannot wait for her to get back from Belize to see if I will be allowed to reverse that role, even if it is only once.

  2. KJ

    “Eventually we will all have sweet touch phones and the world will be equal.”

    Why did I hear “Imagine” playing in my head when I read this?

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