iPhone watch: Day 9

So, my iPhone shipped last night! I am still in shock. Right now (approx 4pm) it is sitting at a FedEx facility in Ft. Worth, waiting to be picked up. The estimated arrival date was four hours ago. So clearly it’s not in my hands yet. AT&T really shouldn’t have been in charge of the whole ordering/shipping mess. As much as I love my cellular service, they are seriously lacking in organization.

Speaking of which, Paige’s phone was ordered approx two mintues before mine and hers is sitting in the store! Unfortunately, it is still “pending” so the sales guy couldn’t give it to her. RIDIC!

The good news is, I was in total denial that my phone was coming at all and now I feel like it’s actually happening! At least the sales staff is totally nice. Otherwise, this would be much worse.

I still won’t be able to pick up my phone tomorrow because of the wedding. So…I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday! THREE MORE DAYS!!! UGHHHH!!!

I’ll keep you posted!


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