Altitude home-sickness

Um, yeah. Just in case you’re interested…there are no iPhones in the immediate area. We’ve called. The Apple website kindly informs us of availability for tomorrow and sadly right now it reads: “iPhone 3G will not be in stock at this store tomorrow.”

SO. No iPhone. Yet. But like I said, if it doesn’t work out the way you planned, it’s probably for the best.

In fact, I’m going to adopt that policy full on from this point forward. I think my life has taken this weird turn that would definitely not be anything that I would have planned. In fact, if I had my way, all of my friends far and near would be able to be in the same room (with our iPhones) and everyone would be perfectly content. Sounds boring but in my head, it’s bliss.

My friend Matt is spending a few days in my favorite place on earth right now, Glorieta NM. We used to meet out there once a year in the summer for a week of catching up. Last night he emailed me a picture of the table we used to occupy (en masse) at the pizza joint in Santa Fe. *sigh*

The good news is, my parents are talking about flying me out to New Mexico in a few weeks to join them for a day or two in our old stomping grounds. I have no clue what it is but I miss the desert and those particular mountains. I was thinking today about those sunsets and about the rainbows that arch over the entire eight lane freeway in the middle of the day. I think it might do my heart some good to be that close to nature for a little while.

For some reason, up there, I feel like God is everywhere. In my head I know He’s everywhere when I’m here as well…it just makes it easier to feel at peace when I’m that high up. I have no idea if that makes sense but there it is. I’m really excited about the possibility of getting away for a few days. I think it might do my family a lot of good to be alone with each other in a place that peaceful. Especially after the end of this month.

Although, like Matty, I think it would serve me well to have my iPhone in my hot little hand before I head off for a vacation. I don’t know if I could survive without a Twitter…or a concert call…or a text from Paige… what was I saying about solitude again?


2 responses to “Altitude home-sickness

  1. you know you can’t survive without a line of communication to yours truly….:) admit it…..

  2. Aww can I meet you in Glorieta? It’s one of my favorite places ever.

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