Happy Day of Independence!

I celebrated firstly with a rousing round of SLEEPING IN! I haven’t had a chance to do that in months. Excepting, of course, when I have been in bed ill. It was glorious. Except for Dad calling to wake me around 10am. Don’t worry, I went back to bed 🙂

We had a quick lunch then went to see Hancock. I think having the media room has completely spoiled me on movie watching experiences. The sounds and smells of the theatre today almost sent me into panic mode. The sound of 50 people tearing into candy wrappers and the fact that the girls next to me smelled like they had just had perms done…mixing with the smell of someone’s overpowering perfume and the most wretched of all smells: POPCORN. UGH!!!

I just shoved my face into my scarf and waited until the lights went down so I could be distracted by the movie. It started out just like I expected but about half-way through it took a turn I did not see coming. I won’t spoil anything because I really want you guys to go see it! I loved it. The characters were so real and I am pretty much 100% in love with Jason Bateman. As in…Mission “Find My Own Jason Bateman” has now commenced.

We headed home after the movie and Mom cooked our favorite meal, Spaghetti. It’s really my sister-in-law’s awesome recipe but it feels like a family one now. It rules. After that, we made my request for the Holiday: Homemade Grape Ice Cream!!!! YAY!!! Trust me, it is the greatest thing ever.  I really enjoy that my Mama loves me so much she actually went and bought an ice cream maker to make it for us today.

Which reminds me of the infamous tale of the ice cream freezer with the hole in the bottom. If you’ve ever made your own ice cream you know that you have to pack the can holding the mixture in ice with rock salt to keep it super cold. See, our old freezer had a hole in the can. So when Mom made the grape ice cream everyone gathered round and made themselves a heaping helping. Then, upon first bite, found out that salt had creeped into the mixture and permeated the entire batch. Salty ice cream.

The best part of the story is that my awesome, loving family waited for me to come home and didn’t tell me about the salt! They sat by while I made myself a bowl and sat, straight-faced, while I came over and settled in on the couch, ready to take my first bite. And of course, they busted into laughter when I tasted it. Ahh, family. Wouldn’t trade ’em for the world.

Anyway, tonight our ice cream was safe and awesome, thanks to our new PINK ice cream freezer. We watched two movies in the safe, warm sanctuary known as our media room and now I’m home, getting ready for bed.

Oh wait! I almost forgot! We watched fireworks from our bridge in the house. I saw four. FOUR MEASLEY FIREWORKS. Next year, I’m forcing everyone to go watch a full display. It just doesn’t feel like a real Independence Day without the fireworks! Or hotdogs…but we’ll let that one slide. Happy fourth!


One response to “Happy Day of Independence!

  1. auntbea0417

    We enjoyed our own homemade ice cream made out of our new “blue” ice cream freezer. It was vanilla, however, Wes brought his own Reeses Pieces for toppings. I’m glad it was a good day for you.

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