Never kick a gift-horse in the mouth.

Tonight we had our weekly class meeting called “Bridge the Gap”. We took a test to ascertain our current spiritual gifts. Back in High School I took a test and came up with “Leadership” as my number one gift. At that point, it was no surprise and I feel like I used that for a long time the way God intended, through teaching and leading groups over the years. Anyway, tonight I took the test and came up with three brand new gifts!

My number one was “Discernment”, followed closely by “Prophecy” and “Wisdom”. Don’t laugh when you see that my gift is wisdom. I’m smart, I swear! Honestly I think those three things have always floated around in the back of my mind but I think recently…due to current events, they are coming to the forefront.

Thinking about using Prophecy sortof freaks me out. That gift is basically about proclaiming the words and wants of God to people in order to convict them into following God’s will. Sounds freaky and you’re picturing a crazy lady telling people to repent and turn, yes? Not so much. When I have actually done this recently, it’s been like words that I could not have known coming out of my mouth. Meaning that I have been ‘gifted’ with things that a certain person needed to hear and it came by way of my big mouth. It’s not exactly fun to be that girl. I’ve shared a bit about that before.

But now that I realize it’s a gift I think I need to stop shying away from it. Maybe I need to try and hone in on the things God wants me to reveal to people and maaaayyybe I should stop being so afraid of just being a vessel when it seems clear He’s going to use me in this way.

I think you all know that I’ve been pretty discerning about behavior and people my whole life but in the past few years…I’ve gotten better at spotting bad people and bad situations. It’s nice to know God’s on my side for that one. I can definitely see through people now. Quickly.

Wisdom is…something I’ve had for a very long time. I’m hoping that won’t ever go away. A girl can’t be too wise. Can she?

I think all of these things are good to know and will also come in handy in my writing, me thinks.

Speaking of writing! I got distracted today by my awesome friends so I didn’t get to write anything. I think I’m going to write before I hit the pillow. Night!


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