Keep me oh where the light is…

Just got back from one of the coolest experiences I have ever had! I found out through a friend’s email yesterday that this was going on so let me first say, “Thank you” to Lez for informing me!

After a dramatic Open Mic finals experience at Seekers (totally RIGGED), my awesome “posse” came with me to our local movie theatre to watch the screening together. I’m pretty sure that it was a John Mayer themed evening. Mainly because my new barista (are dudes baristAs?) friend at Seekers told me that he has TWELFTH ROW seats to see John in August. W.T.F. After that, a guy who was distracting us while the (biased) judging was going on played “Why Georgia” and “Say”! Badly, mind you. But he played them. Oh, I know…so harsh, Heather. LIGHTEN UP.

Anyway, all of that just made me anxious for when we would actually get to the theatre. Once we were there and got our front row seats, Paige and I were walking to the concession stand and I said, “You really love me for coming to see this with me.” She said, “No – THOSE PEOPLE (motioning to the theatre behind us) really love you because they don’t even care about John Mayer that much.” So to all you guys who let me “drag” you out there, THANK YOU! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

When Paige(riffic) and I were in the concession line she said, “What’s a John Mayer appropriate candy?” and the guy infront of us laughed. Let me preface this story with the fact that dude was not exactly the coolest cat you’ve ever met but still. He laughed so it invited the in. We started talking and he revealed that he has TENTH ROW seats to the Dallas concert in August. I said, “Holy crap.” He said, “Yeah, I’m a part of the fan club.” I almost punched him in the face. Karla, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t your six hour toiling land us with TWENTY-SIXTH ROW? Yeah, either John Mayer hates us or we just don’t have the right clicking genes in our blood.

After he had me thoroughly put out, we bought our snacks and then sat back down to watch the show. I was really pumped to see that the entire theatre was full! It made me wonder if everyone there had dragged some nay-sayers out with them saying what I was saying in my head: “If you just saw him live you’d change your mind!” I was SO EXCITED to see the Trio together again.

The acoustic performances were…off the charts amazing. There is something so incredible about John’s songs when they are pared down like that. It’s like he still has this full, complete sound with just his guitar. I suppose that’s because he got his start writing songs out that way. They showed complete solo acoustic performances of “Neon”, “In Your Atmosphere”, “Daughters” with Robbie and “Free Fallin'” with Robbie and DRH. IYA always gives me this feeling I can’t describe but it rings in the same level as Night One at Eddie’s Attic in ’05. It’s a time capsule that takes me back there very single time. So beautiful. Free Fallin was AWESOME! I love the three guitars on that song plus John really surprised me by hitting the high note in the chorus at the end! Loves it.

The Trio set was in-frickin-credible. That’s the tame way of saying what I really want to say. Man, those three guys in their suits with the skinny ties…pure sixties blues genius. I kept thinking that they could double for some cool band in a movie about the music scene back in the day and the story would be about how men from three different backgrounds came together for one pure love – the blues. Did I get carried away? Oops. 🙂

ANYWAY! The Trio set was full performances of “Who Did You Think I Was”, “Come When I Call”, “Good Love is on the Way”, “Out of My Mind” and “Vultures”. John really is a different person when he is on stage with Steve and Pino. He is the purest form of himself and I loved watching him be that way again. There was a moment in the SICKEST Out of My Mind ever that I could tell he wanted to sing somehting over his guitar that he was physically incapable of singing. It was amazing. I know he is always reaching for something and knows he’ll never quite get to where he wants to be but it is thrilling to watch someone pay that much homage to music he loves. The backstage footage when he walked off stage was really awesome. He said, “Now I just have to take that energy down” and he had to sit still and really calm down before he could even shift into full band mode. I LOVE IT.

The full band set was really cool. It started with the guys backstage and John saying that this version of himself was his favorite because it was the most comfortable and he knew they had his back musically and otherwise. 🙂 We got to see full versions of “Waiting on the World to Change”, “Why Georgia” and “Gravity”. I was pretty bummed they skipped everything and went straight to Gravity. Mostly because it’s such a beautiful way to show what John is really about and since the title of the DVD came from the song, it would have been a cool way to end the screening. Alas, it was not to be. The guitar solo did, however, bring me to tears…as it usually does. *sigh*

They showed the entire encore in its entirety – “Don’t Trust Myself”, “Belief” and “Find Another You” (I’m so tempted to write “Nother U”). As per usual, Don’t Trust Myself made me sweat. Sorry…it just does. That was his intention so I don’t really feel all that bad about it. Plus, Paigey got to see the brilliance of that song…THIRTY FEET TALL!!! Life is good.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and just like the guy in the concession stand pointed out…we’ll all be standing in line tomorrow to buy the DVD…that we paid to see tonight. John Mayer, you are a marketing machine.


One response to “Keep me oh where the light is…

  1. Lez

    this was ALMOST as good as being there, just wow….it was like watching a really good dream. All I kept thinking was that quote from his last blog, from Pee Wee Herman, “I don’t have to watch it, I lived it”…..but it was a blast watching and reliving all over again, one of the best nights of my life last December….

    If it had been all Trio, would have worked for me!!!

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