Triumphant return!

Video Blog numero uno seems to have been a mild success. That makes me happy mostly because it gives me an excuse to film the sequel tomorrow. Tour of the new place! You heard me! Get excited.

Rough day today. Rough night tonight.

There were some bright spots. Like how Paige can make me smile when I really feel like it’s impossible. And like the fact that the cake the choir had for my Dad literally had his face on it. If I hadn’t been feeling crappy I totally would have taken a picture. Oh wait! I will totally take a picture tomorrow when I get to embark on the remainder. Sadly, his forehead is missing.

Mom hung my curtains tonight. They look great. I have to go to Micheal’s tomorrow and get poster frames for my tour posters that I have to hang ASAP. I’m pretty sure I can fit that in before possibly spending the rest of the night at Seekers. For Karaoke! Come on, that’s the best news you’ve heard all day.

I must send out a “thank you” to Aunt Belinda who came to my rescue in the bathroom tonight. Did God work that out or what? I’m lucky to be so loved.

I need to finish cleaning up for my big weekend ahead. I’m still totally frustrated that I don’t have the perfect spot picked out for my DVD’s…


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"I'm already out of foolproof ideas so don't ask me how to get started. It's all uncharted." - Sara Barielles
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