Don’t mind me…I’m just partaking in your wi-fi

So I’ve been without internet for the last few days (I’ve lost track of exactly how many.) I’m hanging out at Seekers for our weekly get-together, usually centered around Open Mic night. Tonight, though, I’m plugged in and soaking in as much free internet as I possibly can!

The funny thing is, while here, we found like one thousand things to talk about and I have spent most of the time ignoring my whirring laptop!

Topics covered:

  • Microsoft Surface – Apparently, the official word from Microsoft is “we’re not in the business of making furniture”. In other words, their brain is full of crack. What in the world!? If Apple had this idea, we’d all be scrambling for our iTouch Coffee Tables! I swear, niche marketing is great and all but MIcrosoft really should hop on the bandwagon that Apple has, for now, totally monopolized.
  • All the missing members of our age group. I think we covered that most people are either really far away, or only made it one block away from our High School.
  • Movies Paige and I MUST watch. She’s been in college for the last four years and has missed out on ALL of LOST!!! But tonight we’ve added Once to the list. Everyone has to see that movie. For rizzle.
  • Bitten flats apparently do not offer comfort for the feet! Paige’s exact words, “My pinky toe…was being…violated.”
  • Every kind of medical ailment we’ve had, including one of Albuterol’s side effects – PUFFINESS! Hellooooo…if my doctor had told me I might become PUFFED UP from using my inhaler, I’m pretty sure that I would have said, “No thanks, I’ll pass. Deflated is my preferred state.”

I think the plan is IHOP now…hopefully I will end up getting in bed at a decent hour!! So much for all that internet time… 🙂


3 responses to “Don’t mind me…I’m just partaking in your wi-fi

  1. So much for the decent hour too. Deflated is what you would, without a doubt, be without Albuterol. It was kind of strange seeing the other side of your blog. I didn’t read it until just now(and not that I was spying). Don’t know why it was strange. I had a good time taking up an entire corner of Seeker’s tonight. I hope they take my suggestion and pipe the open mic night music over to the other side. I think that would alleviate many of the seating issues. And by other side I mean the “Living Room” side not “The Dark Side.” Oh boy Star Wars references in blog comments. Time for bed.

  2. KJ

    “No thanks, I’ll pass. Deflated is my preferred state.”

    That’s hysterical!! 🙂

    I hope you have internet soon and you can post some pictures!! I also need you to send me your new address.

  3. i heart you and your witty. can’t wait for LOST tonight!!!! it will be magnificent.

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