Tour de rooms!

Alright, as promised I taped a tour of  my new rooms for those of you who will not be near enough to visit anytime soon.

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Holdin’ loose but ain’t lettin go…

Just got back from an awesome show at HOB Dallas. Thad Cockerell and Matt Wertz. It was AWESOME. Included below is a quick show review.

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Please! No!!!

I am praying that I will stop at least one person from going to see The Happening. I should have listened to my friend Will. Actually, scratch that. I should have gotten down on my knees and thanked him for his wisdom…because he hated it.

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I do it for love…

Ok, Sara Bareilles has asked that I not embed this video (seriously, no embedding is retarded) so you need to click but please do because this video is awesome. It’s all of the reasons I love Sara B all wrapped up in a cute package.

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Triumphant return!

Video Blog numero uno seems to have been a mild success. That makes me happy mostly because it gives me an excuse to film the sequel tomorrow. Tour of the new place! You heard me! Get excited.

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Pure laziness?

Alright so since I have been completely stressed out about updating my blog since I’ve been gone I had to come up with a way to catch you all up and not feel like my head was going to explode. After watching Imogen Heap’s Vlog (Video Blog) the other day and then another Vlog that I mention in mine, I decided that I was going to try this format.

And so I give you – my first ever video blog.

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Gone baby gone

So I’m going out of town tomorrow morning (7:15am – ACK!) with the youth choir tour group. I wish I could say I could post from the road … ( SOON with the help of my iPhone)…but I will be twittering.
If you’re interested in the life and times of a group of teenagers with myself in charge, click on twitter and you’ll be “in the know”. See you when I resurface!

The ultimate author

So we’re studying the book of Acts this summer at church and I was reading Peter’s sermon at the temple after they healed a crippled man. The people are standing around acting like Peter and John are powerful and it makes good ol’ Peter angry. He says something that really struck me:

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Same ol’, same ol’

So I finally have internet! YAY! But I haven’t exactly gotten back into the groove of things yet. So my blog will remain un-updated on the days that I missed. You didn’t miss much. Every day went pretty much like this:

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Don’t mind me…I’m just partaking in your wi-fi

So I’ve been without internet for the last few days (I’ve lost track of exactly how many.) I’m hanging out at Seekers for our weekly get-together, usually centered around Open Mic night. Tonight, though, I’m plugged in and soaking in as much free internet as I possibly can!

The funny thing is, while here, we found like one thousand things to talk about and I have spent most of the time ignoring my whirring laptop! Continue reading


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