Close but no new mattress

I moved over most of the boxes today – a good way to make good on a day off work. It’s slowly coming together. I was hoping to get everything over there today and sleep over there tonight. Didn’t make it, though.

Went to Seekers tonight to see the culmination of “Seekers Idol”. It was SO CROWDED. My enjoyment level was severely depressed by the amount of people so after I saw the people I came to see and heard the results for the top 3, I was done.

Headed home and after having a really fantastic conversation with one of my best friends, I settled in to listen to some family conversation in the kitchen. Needless to say, we didn’t make it back over to finish the moving in. So right now I am typing on my laptop while sitting on the floor.

The only things left in my room are my clothes, laptop, one box full of paper, laundry and about 100 magazines. It won’t take long tomorrow after work so hopefully I will be over there for my first night in the new bed very very soon.


One response to “Close but no new mattress

  1. KJ

    I can’t wait until you get all settled!! Pictures, woman! We need pictures!

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