Impromptu Movie Review

This week has been so crazy! I’ve been juggling events with friends and filling in for sick friends at work…add in the moving and it’s a wonder I got any sleep at all!

Tomorrow is the big move. We’re taking it all over and I will attempt to get settled enough to sleep there for the first time. I’m actually really excited. We’ve been building up to this point but once it’s all over there I think I’ll feel differently.

Last night at home was spent in the media room. We watched Lions for Lambs (our Netflix). It was NOT impressive. I knew it hadn’t made much money and now I see why. Talk about zero payoff. I really feel like I wasted brain cells on that movie. I cannot believe the star power that went to waste. Boo!

Next we popped in one of my favorites, Someone Like You , to lighten the mood. I seriously love this movie. It is definitely one of the greatest break-up movies out there. There is a brilliant scene when Greg Kinnear is being all sensitive after breaking her heart and Ashley Judd just starts laughing. I love it so much and it gets stuck in my head all the time. Her reaction is perfect. If you haven’t seen this one and you have any amount of humor and sensitivity in your body, watch it.


One response to “Impromptu Movie Review

  1. KJ

    Awww, last movie night!!

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