I get by with a little help…

Tonight we hung out at Bea’s house and talked about friendships, among discussion about one zillion other things.

I have been through some really rough times with friendships in the past. In fact, I could probably name more people who have left me than the people who have stuck around. I used to be really hurt by the fact that someone could betray me or use me for their own gain. Now, years later, I finally figured out that part of the battle is left up to me. I have to be strong enough to recognize those kinds of people before something like that happens. The red flags that went up in those relationships are the kind that now, make me walk away.

Even after all the hurt, though, I still feel the need to open myself up to new people all the time. I think the second I decide to stop trying is the day that my cynicism swallows me whole. You never know what kind of friend you may need in the future and it seems a theme in my life that the ones who show up unexpectedly are sometimes the ones you couldn’t live without!

I have been truly blessed by amazing friendships in the last three years alone. People have fallen away, sure, but I have this group around me that I would trust with my life. It just does me good to remember that I am not alone. The suppport system you guys have become is pretty much the thing that keeps me going at times. I know for sure that I am loved and honestly, a few years ago…it wasn’t so easy for me to see that.

So – to the dear friends who have been there through the tears and through the years when I truly was not myself, THANK YOU. I wish we could all be together in the same room! Party at my house!


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