Time travel is possible?

So recently Johnny M cut his hair. He combed it for the paps and said he was attempting to look like his hero, Michael J. Fox.

I call him his hero because, let’s face it, everybody who grew up in the 80’s wanted to be Marty McFly. John has said many times that watching MJ play “Johnny B. Goode” in Back to the Future inspired him to pick up a guitar.

So looking at John in this blog entry and these pictures…it’s like things came full circle.

Of course it was all a big joke but then I saw this photo from an event tonight and it got me thinking…

Maybe time travel is possible.

Otherwise, how the heck did RFS-era Johnny show up to do a duet with Alicia Keys?

She looks gorgeous but seriously!

Who is that lanky gentleman with her?

That is 22 year old Johnny! It has to be!

He is a spitting image of this guy:

So maybe the key to time travel all along was simply a guitar?

Boys would love that.


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