In honor of Mama

Happy Mother’s Day! (To all the Moms who read this blog)

My Mom’s requirement for today was spending time together and going to see a movie. Not a very tough request to fill! We ended up going to see Iron Man. I figured if it made 202 MILLION this past weekend, we didn’t want to be the only ones in the universe who haven’t seen it!

I really really liked it! I gotta be honest, I never pictured Robert Downey Jr. as a superhero/action star but he was awesome! The special effects and storyline were both so great and I enjoyed every shot. I was so shocked at the end when the words “Directed by Jon Favreau” popped up onscreen. For those of you who don’t know Favreau, click here.

If any of you guys are considering going to see it, I highly recommend the trip! Two thumbs up!


2 responses to “In honor of Mama

  1. Saw it yestday and LOVED it. I’m such a comic book geek!

  2. KJ

    I watched a little behind the scenes thing on this movie and it looks pretty good. I think maybe Jason and I should check it out this week.

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