Face intact.

Final day of dog-sitting today. I seriously count this whole thing a huge success.

The last time I watched these particular dogs, Zoe (the white monster below) almost ripped my face off. In fact, every single time I came to let them out and back in again, she went nuts. She had this particular habit that I hated – she would come up like she wanted to be petted and when I started to scratch her, she’d bare her teeth and snap at my hand. NOT FUN.

But this time, something in her must have known I was not there to cause her harm. She trusted me a bit more and now she just wanted to really be petted. Sadly, since I didn’t trust her as much, I didn’t keep my hand anywhere on her for very long. However, that didn’t stop her from casting longing glances over her shoulder like so:

Or trying to nuzzle me into submission:

And then there’s Bob. He is a simple man. Two moods: 1. Needs out 2. Needs cuddling. He and I get along swimmingly. Unless, of course, I’m pausing his full body rub down (he’s a mini Yorkie so it doesn’t take much) for a photo shoot.

Barking at me to stop the photos and start the cuddles!

It just occurred to me that maybe Zoe finally figured out that I’m the woman who holds the key to the treat jar. Perhaps that’s why I finally won her over! Also, this is a good way to distract when I have to slink back out the door. Treat pose:


2 responses to “Face intact.

  1. jocelyn

    aww YAY pups. and i love that the little one has a “big” name like bob.

  2. KJ

    I LOOOOVE Bob. He’s so adorable!!

    Jason – “No more dogs!!”

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