Wednesday DVR catch-up!

So I had been without TV or internet for four days when I arrived home today. I realized after a quick plopping down of my suitcases that I had all my Monday shows to watch and catch up on! For the sake of time, I will give a quick rundown of moments that stuck out to me.

The Bachelor: Still wondering why Chelsea is holding a candle to Shayne in Matt’s eyes. I keep thinking he must really think she’s super hot and since she is not a dumb blonde, he can somehow feel smarter with her on his arm. I think sadly, Shayne has her cute blonde thing working against her. The weird thing is, I really think she’s so adorable and warm that it doesn’t matter how blonde she is. I can see them having cute adventures together and I believe him when he says, “You’ll be my little monkey.” Precious.

Amanda was pretty pissed when she got kicked off. I totally felt for Matt when he was trying to explain that he hadn’t lied to her. Sometimes those things just don’t work. Move on, pretty girl! Geez! I was embarrassed for her hearing her say she thought they were going to get married! YEESH!

The Hills: One thought – the return of Stephen Colletti! I was so pumped to see that boy walk back into Lauren’s life. It did make me super sad to hear him put a big emphasis on PLATONIC and JUST FRIENDS. What a moron, that guy.

Their house is so cute! I hated seeing Audrina feel brushed aside. I like her so much and the fact that Justin Bobby is putting crappy thoughts in her head to fuel the fire of her feelings made me mad. I wanted him to just shut his trap and stick to modeling. I want to see more footage of Chateau Audrina!

How I Met Your Mother: Ugh! I hate to see Ted and Barney fight! That is so not cool. I am wondering if they will ever spin the Barney/Robin hook-up back into a question about Barney’s fear of monogamy. It seems like Robin isn’t losing any sleep over him, though.

I don’t know what happened but Marshall is kindof annoying this season. My Marshmallow isn’t charming me this time around! What is UP!? Hopefully the writers will kick it into high gear soon and give him an awesome episode.

Samantha Who?: Another fantastic episode! I was loving this one. Especially the beginning where she tried to decipher Todd’s message: ‘Hey!’ Haven’t we all done that?

She is such a fantastically bad liar. “..and his name is Rance.” HAHA!

I think that my favorite moments of all are coffee shop chats with Andrea and Deena. Plus the wisdom of Andrea: “Why don’t you just bring a thousand cats!?”

The ending was super sweet and it made me remember why I love this show. Mixed in with the crazy are sweet moments of rediscovery for our heroine.


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