Monday TV Recap

Man, Mondays my DVR has to work overtime. And I have to watch shows until the wee hours of the morning just to make sure I don’t get spoiled the next day! Click below for a recap of all the Monday TV shows I watched.

The Bachelor
Noelle is gone! I am super sad because I think she’s really beautiful and I’m not a huge fan of Amanda. I think it’s pretty clear that Matt is going to pick Shayne. In the previews for next week, he is actually proposing so maybe America will actually get a payoff this season. I had a dream about Matt, Shayne and Chelsea that involved Matt calling Shayne the wrong name. For some reason I was in the room and I began lecturing him. Haha!

Also – how heinous was Shayne’s mom’s face? She’s like a walking poster for a “Don’t get plastic surgery!” campaign. I was glad to see that her heart was really big, though. I thought she was the best hostess (hello, traditional English meal) and Matt seemed the most relaxed in their house. Also, when he walked away from Shayne he said, “I’ll miss you too, monkey.” It’s true love, folks.

The Hills
Kindof a boring episode this time. The moments with Stephanie, Lauren, Audrina, Justin and Heidi all at the same table were almost comical. Heidi was talking super loud about how she and Audrina were friends way before she was friends with Lauren. Talk about making someone uncomfortable! I love how she’s going to go around telling people that Lauren was cold for no reason.

I’m glad Lauren and Lo asked Audrina to move in with them but why was that conversation so awkward? Because of Heidi being around? I am excited to see how things are when they move in together. I LOVE LO. She’s the best sidekick, next to Whitney.

Did anybody else think it was weird that there was no “Leaving Vogue” scene with Lauren? Did she just call in her resignation or what? I figured we’d have a little scene with Lisa Love wishing her luck.

As far as the previews for next week – STEPHEN IS BACK! I totally can’t wait. There needs to be some drama there. Otherwise his return will be totally disappointing.

How I Met Your Mother
James Van Der Beek’s return to television and he still has a massive forehead. In the first scene with him and Robin his Canadian accent bordered on a Scottish brogue but eventually it got better. Watching Robin go goofy for him made me sad because it was clear she was going to get hurt again.

Lily’s “revertigo” was hilarious. Especially when her friend started talking normally about her dissertation and about how weird it is that Lily brings out that side of her and the immediately changed mid-sentence. Haha. That was awesome.

The scene with Barney comforting Robin was too sweet. There has always been some heat there and I actually expected them to kiss in the bar.

Robin’s “artful follow-up” to “Let’s Go to the Mall” was AWESOME. The best part were the word graphics randomly mixed in and a fully furnished office sitting on the beach. And the robot. Come on, that’s fantastic.

When Barney and Robin were finally kissing, it was no surprise and I’m really interested to see what will happen next with those two. I’ve always thought they would make a good pair. Robin’s full of herself just enough to be able to stand up next to the gigantic ego that is Barney’s. I think it’s pretty clear, though, that Barney doesn’t take well to relationships so we’ll see if he can handle anything beyond a one night stand.

Samantha Who?
Not the best episode but it was nice to see Deena get some action! Haha. I just wish Sam would figure out a way to not be so freakin’ annoying when it comes to Todd. Plus, I think I just liked the last episode so much more.


3 responses to “Monday TV Recap

  1. Clare

    Eeee! I was screaming when Barney and Robin kissed – and I wish they had Robin Sparkles videos on every episode. Let’s go to the mall, eh? Hehe.

  2. Belinda

    Okay, I’m a pretty big TV fanatic, but at least I spread mine out over the course of an entire week. How much do you watch during the rest of the week? I know, you have to catch it when you can, you never know when there will be another writer’s strike and all that will be on is re-runs.

  3. Heather Bee

    Haha! I watch American Idol and LOST during the rest of the week. For some reason, Mondays are packed! Next week is the end of the Bachelor and I’ll probably start watching Samantha Who later in the week. I can’t get by without The Hills and HIMYM. A girl needs a good laugh at the end of Mondays. 🙂

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