A bit premature…

So I have a secret.

I’ve already kinda picked out the soundtrack to my novel when it gets made into a movie.

You might be surprised…considering my novel is a total of one chapter, an outline, six incomplete scenes and about ten pages of notes.

Maybe putting the cart before the horse? Maybe.

Still, you should be giddy when you learn that one of the pivotal scenes will involve train travel and Neighbor-Hoods by Josh Rouse.


2 responses to “A bit premature…

  1. ok figured out the twitter thing. Just use the RSS feed your twitter generates. Belinda has a verse of the day feed on her page. That should work. If not… then I have to say that wordpress is ummm….. dumb. (I was going to go with retarded but that seemed too derogatory)

    I like the song, it’s very much traveling on a clear day music. You sure that you wouldn’t use the music that Peter Griffin has for his own personal soundtrack when he is riding on a bus, sitting next to bums?

  2. Heather Bee

    It’s working! Yippee! Thanks, buddy!

    Haha. Yes, I’m pretty sure “sittin’ on a buuuUUUsss…” isn’t quite what I was going for. 😉

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