Oh my gosh. So, I’m not sure if I told many of you guys but when I was losing my job at Recollections, I got a job at the only other scrapbooking store in town. I did one day of training and had a horribly bad feeling about the whole thing.

So, I found a full-time job (my current one) and quit the scrapbooking store. I’ve been doing scrapbooking classes on the side, so I’ve still kept all that up. Anyway, the store closed their doors this past Monday, informing their employees the night before that they were closing. She handed out final checks and said they simply wouldn’t be opening ever again. I cannot tell you how much that has confirmed that feeling I had!

Thank you, God for not letting me rest until I worked that out! I cannot believe I could have lost another job just two months later. Scary, friends.

Also, sorry Tarrant County, you are now without any scrapping stores.


One response to “Saved!

  1. Lez

    sad isn’t it that we have no stores?? and the ones we have to go to in Dallas are meh…nothing exciting…

    Yeah, a friend who taught classes there called me Tues morning to tell me the same thing, said they got basically false info when they bought the store, that even with building the business the expenses were not what they said they would be….and their rent was MEGA expensive…

    smart move girlie for looking elsewhere and following your gut feeling!!

    WISHING and PRAYING that Archiver’s will get their backsides up this direction….there is one at home (in Katy) and one in Round Rock….worth every moment in that store!!!! THAT is a store I would want to work for!!!

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