Color me surprised!

So this evening I headed out to a local coffee house that opened recently called Seekers.

They have open mic night every Monday night and my friend Will was playing tonight so I headed out in support. I had so much fun! I sat through six GREAT performances (short, two or three song sets) and my friend blew me away. I had no clue he was such a fantastic musician and songwriter. He’d die if he knew I was blogging about him. Haha!

Anyway, I’m so pumped because the location is a stone’s throw from our church and it is such a great place. Our Sunday School class will totally dig it so I can’t wait to get them all up there Monday night!

Friday night Taylor Davis is playing at Seekers. He’s been my MySpace friend for two years and I’ve never seen him play so I think now is the time. Thank you $5 cover. I’m so excited to have found a great local place for good music! The whole thing left me really encouraged about the talent in our area. Very, very exciting!


4 responses to “Color me surprised!

  1. Lez

    that’s fantastic to hear, I was hoping that was the kind of place it was going to open up to be! I’ll have to check this out soon!!

  2. Belinda

    Awsome! That sounds great. I went to their sight and printed off the menu so the others could look at it, as well.

  3. Hey, I had fun last night. Where can you buy Will’s CD? Thanks for coming over and helping us get rid of cake!

  4. Heather Bee

    I am officially bugging Will to create a CD to pass along. He said he might just burn a bunch of demo tracks. He’s written like 20 songs. Freakin’ musical genius.

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