Wednesday DVR catch-up!

So I had been without TV or internet for four days when I arrived home today. I realized after a quick plopping down of my suitcases that I had all my Monday shows to watch and catch up on! For the sake of time, I will give a quick rundown of moments that stuck out to me.

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Three’s Company

If you know me at all, you know how much I love dogs. I’ve wanted to have another one since I lost Lady back in 1996. Dog-sitting is something I do with great pleasure so I thoroughly enjoyed these two goofballs.

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An evening with inspiration and laughs

We had an early Mother’s Day outing today and it may be the story of the year.

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Alone time

I expected this dog-sitting gig to end up throwing a kink in my schedule but there have been some unexpected affects instead.

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Busy Day

I’m off to wait tables for a party of 87 people. We are also having a garage sale at the moment and I will come home after a really long day today and prepare for dogsitting for the next three days.

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Not enough time!

Things are so crazy this week and I am barely finding time to sleep, let alone get anything else done.

I have SO MUCH going on today that I’m a little bit worried about getting it all done. If you guys think about it, say a little prayer for me.

Monday TV Recap

Man, Mondays my DVR has to work overtime. And I have to watch shows until the wee hours of the morning just to make sure I don’t get spoiled the next day! Click below for a recap of all the Monday TV shows I watched.

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Translation – Nerdy. John. Mayer. Moment.

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