“Ready to go get in trouble?”

Alright – a quick reality show update about The Hills. I have no clue if any of you are watching but if you are, click below.

New double episode was last night. I loved every single second! I decided to just list off my questions and things I noticed:

  • Heidi looks weird. I know she must have had some work done but whatever it was just comes off making her look a bit like an alien or something.
  • I’m kinda buying Spencer moving out but they are together in press these days so…wtf?
  • I like Stephanie Pratt being around this season. I really believe she can be diplomatic and especially since she went to rehab – I’ll bet apologizing to Lauren was something she has wanted to do for a while.
  • Lauren looks cute in her glasses 🙂
  • Has anyone noticed that the only two things Heidi talks about are Lauren and Spencer? It kinda makes me sad.
  • Whitney’s new job is awesome! It seems like she can really handle whatever they throw at her. Her job at Teen Vogue wasn’t the best fit so I’m pumped to see her shine!
  • The Lauren/Brody exchange at Le Deux seemed geniune. I can’t figure out why Brody thought he could play off the girlfriend like she didn’t exist for one night. Dumb.
  • I’m still waiting for Stephen Colleti to show up. Can’t wait for that drama.

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