Living is easy with eyes closed

The Beatles run through my blood. I can’t express how much their music has affected my life. Although, there is no way to overstate the massive effect The Beatles have had on music, art and culture all over the world. I have to say – one of the greatest examples is the massively brilliant movie Across the Universe.

I have been wanting to see this movie since it came out but the timing could not have been more perfect. I finally saw it last night and it has put me in the BEST mood! My review ensues below so if you haven’t seen it, don’t click! Go watch and then come back!

So many BRILLIANT moments in the movie, from beginning to end. I will say that the beginning is incredible. I think my favorite scene, creatively, was the “I Want You/She’s So Heavy” sequence. For that, Julie Taymor, you are my hero.

Although, this one is the one that cemented the smile on my face.

That clip just proves that a shaggy-haired Liverpool native singing the best songs ever written is just as charming now as it ever was. Jim Sturgess is so likeable it’s infectious. He looks faintly familiar to me – like that guy you run into but can’t quite place. The thing is, I think he just reminds me of Paul. It’s brilliant and flawless casting. He’s perfect.

I really hate Evan Rachel Wood but she’s a great singer! She also was really lost in this role so I forgot about hating her and believed I was really watching “Lucy” onscreen. Quite impressed with her “If I fell” solo. Man, what a hard song.

The party scene freaked me out a little. If you read my livejournal entry the other day you might know why.

They recorded the vocals live with backing tracks. The result is an organic purity that totally won me over. The singing doesn’t feel canned or out of place. I started to believe that these songs came out of the experiences of these characters and the emotion conveyed by these actors was perfection.

Also, awesome celeb casting! Hello, Joe Cocker. I love it – kinda like, “Man, that homeless guy can rock!”

The business people on the street choreography into the guitar audition…I LOVE IT ALL. I can’t get enough. Such a cool contrast to see Jojo walking down the street. I’m also kindof in love with his line at the end of this scene.

“Music’s the only thing that makes sense anymore, man. Play it loud enough – keeps the demons at bay.”

I couldn’t help but feel like the plot (a story about the turmoil of the 60’s) feels almost parallel to what is happening in America today. The youth of this country are certainly not as physically vocal but the feeling in the youth of this nation in some ways echoes the cries of our parents.

I feel blessed that I come from two open-minded, down-to-earth parents who came of age in California in the 60’s. There is something about that time period that feels appropriate to me. Like all of my sensibilities as an adult are funneled through that time period without anyone in my house smoking pot and talking to me about peace. It is something in the subtlety with which those things are passed down that shocks me.

Anyway, I have now found a new favorite movie.

I can’t wait to see this with my bro.


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