Dancing the Texas Two-Step

Does Obama have what it takes to reach Texas voters? Today will be the test. Although, I think this speaks for itself:

Anyway, I did my part and I’ve got the proof below (doctored in case you’re stalking me):

Also, Barack called us today and left a message on our answering machine, encouaraging us to participate in the Texas 2-Step. I hope you all remember to Caucus this evening!

If you’re confused about the process, click here.

I totally enjoy this YouTube on the Obama website about Texans voting.

Especially the part where the guy says, “I’m a Republican and I’m voting for Barack Obama.”



5 responses to “Dancing the Texas Two-Step

  1. Trialdawg

    I love the way Texas does their primary process. Are you Caucasing tonight? Of all the years that I have studied and followed politics, I’ve never been to a caucas! I am slightly jealous of you at this point.

  2. Heather Bee

    We are waiting to go Caucus, yes sir! They can’t start until the last person votes so in some areas *coughDallasCountycough* it will be reaaaaaally late. Tarrant had their shiznit together and I think we’ll start pretty much on time.

  3. Trialdawg

    That is so freaking COOL.

  4. KJ

    I’m glad that you did your part, and I’m sorry that your efforts weren’t enough.

    My thought is, Texas (and Oklahoma) most often go Republican in the Presidential Race and they’ve chosen the weaker candidate (Hillary) to further divide the Democratic party and give McCain a better chance at the White House.

    I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m going with. I can’t bear the thought that my state supports Hillary.

  5. Heather Bee

    The good news is, Tarrant County supported Obama by 18,000 votes! So that means at least we won the area I voted in. In fact, if you look at the map, Obama took every heavily populated area in Texas. The fact that 212 people in Concho county voted for Hillary and in effect swayed the entire state frustrates me but whatever! That our Democratic process in action!

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