Well, we went. We Caucused.

I didn’t know it but a Clinton-ite was hiding out in my house!! It’s OK, though. We have to love each other through the differences. Also, if she wins, I’ll have to hear “I told you so” and boy, won’t that be fun?

It took exactly two hours and 20 minutes and I’m still not even sure how our precinct will swing. I think we might have been a little bit more on the Obama side but only time will tell.

The most amazing and exciting thing is that tonight marked the best turn-out EVER for our precinct in a primary. There were probably 150 people just from our area alone. A large amount of minority voters and also young voters with kids. We didn’t talk much about who we supported but chatted instead about the iPhone, making backseats for a living (what one of the men at our table does) and how unorganized the whole process was. It ended up being slightly dramatic but we got in there and caucused and then we got out.

I think I might just settle in with some chocolate and a nice Coke Zero…and maybe fall asleep to the sweet sound of CNN.


3 responses to “Betrayed!

  1. Mollywood

    We caucused last night for Barack, too and it was just shy of pandamonium. We waited outside in the cold (being grateful that it wasn’t the snowy night before) until 8:15 to even get inside the polling place. Then we slowly made our way to the gym inside the church where we were caucusing and got to the front of that line at about 8:30. Once inside the gym we had to wait in yet ANOTHER line for our precinct. . .I guess there were 3-4 precincts all caucusing there. Then we had to wait around while everyone who was going to caucus for our precinct showed up and signed the book. Keep in mind that we had to do all of this with a 4 year old in tow. Luckily, I had thought ahead and brought a lunch box with a PB&J dinner for him and some snacks and a big bag o’ fun with markers and play doh and coloring books and whatnot. I was, apparently, the only parent in 3 precincts to have thought of this, because a kiddie caucus was forming around our son in his little corner of the gym as all of the adults were grouping into our respective groups. It was actually pretty cool to see a little rainbow of tiny heads of all colors crouched all together sharing the blue marker and Batman fruit snacks. . .it was equally cool to see the families that they came with working together to figure out this crazy process.

    We got home around 9:15 and are grateful that our precinct is small. . .there was another precinct that still had not gotten everyone’s signatures yet when we were leaving and we couldn’t tell what stage of the game the other was in as we were leaving.

    My hubby (a lifelong Republican, btw) got chosen from our precinct to be an Obama delegate at the county convention the last weekend in March. I took some pictures last night on my phone, I’ve already journaled on my computer about the experience so it would be fresh in my mind and I am SO going to scan his voter card with the big ol’ red “DEMOCRAT” stamp on it and use that, too! I’m planning the LO already!

    A friend of ours who is a Texan living in the Bay Area of California called last night to get a blow by blow of the process and was very jealous that we got to live through and be a part of what they were discussing on CNN all night long.

    Glad to be a Texan. Glad to be a Democrat. Glad that my child got to be a part of it and will maybe have a few cool memories of it. I know that I do.

  2. Heather Bee

    Molly, that is so cool! I’m so glad you were one of those parents that brought their child, even if he wasn’t participating, it is awesome that he was there. I watched three little kids playing in a corner, all three of them different races, and counted myself blessed that we live in an area that gives everyone an equal voice.

    That being said, it seems that certain groups (minorities, ages, viewpoints) in other counties really swayed the entire state. The sad thing is, there are still LOTS of Texans who would never vote Democrat, let alone for a Black man or a woman! *sigh*

    We’ll get there and I find it encouraging that all the heavy population centers in TX supported Obama. It just means that the rest of the state isn’t ready for change. At least, not yet.

  3. Bubba

    I was out of town on Tuesday, and was bummed I couldn’t vote. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the nominee….I know, I could have early voted, but darnit I work and live in two different counties. Hmpff.

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