Auditory Easter Eggs

If any of you are popular music fans, you may relate to my little problem. I can hear the first few bars of a song playing and recognize it immediately. While it comes in handy sometimes (see: everytime someone turns to me and says, “What is this?” when John is jamming on a new intro to CIR), it can also make other people nutty when my eyes glaze over and I yell a random person’s name aloud.

Today Mom and I used my day off to go to the movies. We were freezing (incoming cold front with SNOW) and decided to go to the theatre nearest our house. Plus, they are the only theatre in town that still has matinee prices. Sweetness. Anyway, it just happens to be a Regal Theatre. In the lobby there are TV screens hanging above the concession stands, playing music videos, movie previews, etc.

We were standing there, out of the cold, deciding whether or not we just wanted to stay and pick a movie from the dismal list of “Now Showing” or drive farther to catch something we really wanted to see. In the midst of discussion my ears perked up and I spun around and caught a two second glimpse of a video and a snippet of “Car Crash”.

I pointed and said, “Matt Nathanson!” My Mom was like, “Who?” I think she was half expecting to see an old friend walking our way. When she figured out I was pointing to the screen she was like, “What movie is he in?”

Times like those I feel burdened with my auditory fixation.

Then, of course, there are times when I am alone in a very depressing fitting room in a semi-dark Target, trying on clothes that were made for (I can only assume) women who were born without ribcages when a tinny chord breaks through. In the moment I recognize the beginning of No Such Thing I suddenly I don’t feel burdened. I feel blessed.

Also, today in Steve & Barry, Texas Flood was on repeat. That was not a bad time to be shopping.


3 responses to “Auditory Easter Eggs

  1. KJ

    MATTY!! 🙂

    This is perhaps the best phrase ever:

    “…trying on clothes that were made for (I can only assume) women who were born without ribcages…”

    LOVE IT!

  2. Heather Bee

    Matty is a freakin’ rock star in that video! I LOVE IT.

    Also, for some reason it reminds me of a U2 video. Inexplicable, really. Although, I’m pretty sure Matt would kiss me for saying that. Lover of Bono that he is.

  3. thats for sure, dude

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