Negative bonding? I prefer the word commiserate.

Times like these, I thank my lucky stars for my amazing friends.

(WARNING: Sap ahead.)

If you have done any or all of the following, I pass out e-hugs to you.

  • Solved my crazy Heather-math problems with a simple, “You’re adding 2+2 and getting 1000 again.”
  • Actually listened when I talk about what’s really going on.
  • Said, “I thought of you.” Regardless of why.
  • Talked to me until we wore out the AT&T towers.
  • Held my place in a crowded room while I stood in a merch line.
  • Understood and agreed when my frustration with crazy people reaches an all time high.
  • Let me borrow your foam stamps.
  • Prayed for me.
  • Gone through a L-83 pre-sale with me on IM. These are battle-scars we wear, friend!
  • Had ice cream waiting when we get back from seeing Bonnie in concert.
  • Let me sleep in your bed to make room for visiting relatives.
  • Said, “How is there more to talk about at 4am?”
  • Watched AGT with me more than once.
  • Had a detailed discussion about LOST figurines.
  • Shown up for a Bee topped cupcake.
  • Run down a flight of stairs in the dark while Josh Rouse sings his first song.
  • Slept next to me in a train station in Albany, NY.
  • Chased me down to hug me when I really needed it.
  • Two words: Concert call.
  • Told me “it looks great” even though I’ve asked you 1000 times.

You guys are a very special group of people. You make it all bearable! Also, when I come into money, you’ll be getting a little bonus…doled out in personalized back-yard concerts. And/or trips to LOST location shoots.



4 responses to “Negative bonding? I prefer the word commiserate.

  1. Lez

    you’re too funny, but know you are loved!

  2. KJ

    I love it! 🙂 Backyards concerts all around! 🙂

    Love ya, Bee.

  3. It’s always wonderful in the midst of it all to remember how loved you are.

  4. Trialdawg

    I am proud that we are friends. Karla and I can’t wait to go on another adventure with you, and the ice cream will ALWAYS be on me.

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