Back to work, boys!

Best news I’ve heard in months:

From Doc Arzt’s Blog:

“I’ve been talking to people on the other side of the fence for weeks now about what an end to the strike means for Lost and this is what I have for information:

  • It will take 4-6 weeks to get back to actual filming.
  • NO discussions have been had regarding the logistics of a return to production.
  • The industry is planning on extending the TV season to the end of June.
  • If the season is extended a maximum of 6 episodes could be produced.
  • Regardless, a minimum of 3 new episodes will be produced.
  • There has been NO discussion with regards to whether the un-produced episodes will be made up.

The most important thing to remember is that there have been no formal discussions between the LOST writers/show runners and the studios since the strike began.  We shouldn’t expect a boatload of answers to any of these questions for at least a few days, possibly longer.

I’m going to continue to ping everybody on my radar connected to the show to get updates on what the production schedule looks like, but suffice to say we have two things to celebrate:  the writers got a deal they are happy with, and we  WILL see more than eight episodes of LOST this season.


I just keep thinking that we are sooo lucky with the timing of this thing coming to an end. Getting back into production and finishing the season with more than eight is GREAT for the audience. Damon and Carlton (Darlton) said when it had been decided that we’d have a shortened season that the cliffhanger in Ep 8 was a really inopportune place to leave off. Basically, it was a cliffhanger written to be resolved a week later, not up to a year later.

So in short, big sigh of relief. Now mentally sending vibes telling these guys to get back in the writer’s room!!


One response to “Back to work, boys!

  1. Mollywood

    I had heard somewhere, a podcast maybe?- that the magical date was Feb 20th. . .as long as the strike could be resolved by that date, more episodes of Lost could resume writing/filming this season. Woo hoo!

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