Nausea and flashbacks

First of all, I should say that today was a FANTASTIC birthday. Everyone who should have remembered did remember and I got to spend all afternoon celebrating with my family.

This morning’s open house was a modest success and I’m hoping that tonight went even better. It was nice to sit in a quiet room and crank out a couple of creative things before the day was even in full swing.

This afternoon we had lunch then did a little bit of shopping. Old Navy had this beautiful end-cap full of pashminas and I had a lot of trouble choosing just one. I settled on a striped one that will go well with just about everything. I can’t find it on their website but here is a similar one.

Then we headed over to DSW Shoes. I swear, if I had a million dollars, I’d spend half on shoes. There was a great assortment of flats and I had an adorable pair of black patent leather Steve Maddens picked out but I ended up buying some practical work shoes instead. The new job will be a lot of standing on a very hard concrete floor, so it really was the best choice. The flats will have to come with my first paycheck!

After shopping, we went to see Cloverfield. I don’t know if you guys have been following the ads for this movie but it goes back over a year ago when JJ Abrams brought out the poster at ComicCon, the geek comic and sci-fi convention. The entire movie was hyped without ever giving away exactly what is terrorizing NYC. The idea came from when JJ was in Japan at the Godzilla museum. He said he decided America needs their own Godzilla. I loved the whole concept and I’ve been waiting patiently for it to come out. I wanted to see this movie before it was ruined for me.

I read an article on last week that audiences were getting nauseous in the movie because the entire thing is told from the viewpoint of a hand held camera. I have a history of motion sickness but I’ve never felt that way from a movie so I wasn’t worried. In the first major action sequence, I felt my brain whir on overdrive, trying to catch up to my eyes. From that point on, it was all I could do to keep from losing my lunch. I kept my eyes closed a lot of the time, opening them when something crucial was happening but it was rough, folks. In the article, it mentioned that people seeing it on the small screen won’t have a problem because their living rooms are surrounding the screen. I think I would have done better watching this one at home.

That being said, it’s great. It accomplishes exactly what it needs to and without giving anything away, there’s a convincing payoff. If you didn’t want to know exactly what ripped the head off of Lady Liberty, you would have done well not to watch the promo that ran during the premiere of LOST! There’s a shot in there that gives it all away. Not cool, Paramount. Not cool.

Speaking of LOST! The premiere was tonight and all I can say is…it just wasn’t enough. Eight long months and everything I needed to know, I probably could have gathered from the promo. Plus, some of the footage they have been hyping isn’t happening until the next episode! Jerks! ABC promo department, you and Paramount make me angry. JJ, tighten the reigns, man! Seriously, though. I have SO many questions. The main one being, who the eff sent Naomi? Can’t wait to find that out. Also, CHRISTIAN SHEPARD WAS IN JACOB’S CHAIR!!!!!????? My mind reels. The flashback was the best part of the episode. Oh Hugo, I wish I could save you!

My Mom heard my pleas and made me the greatest birthday cake known to man. It made the day a lot more fun, that’s for sure. Dad had to take a hacksaw to the plane.

With that I say, thank you and goodnight!


2 responses to “Nausea and flashbacks

  1. I haven’t even gotten to watch LOST, yet. Stupid flu:(

  2. KJ

    That cake is the greatest! 🙂

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