Penny for what’s left of your rotting brain!

We got a shipment a few months ago of an entire truck-full of glossy white cardstock paper. After the shock wore off, we were left with all eleven boxes. It sat in boxes for a while as backstock but never moved. Once we found out we were closing, the cardstock came out of the boxes and all over the store. Not one pack or piece went anywhere. Finally, a few weeks ago corporate gave the O.K. to give out packs of 25 sheets for free with a $50 purchase. We still had stacks and stacks. We moved the prices down and down and today…an email went out to our customers that said we had “select paper for .01 a piece!!!” They were talking about that damned glossy cardstock.

I am convinced that people would buy a pile of trash if they were getting a bargain. People swarmed over that paper and at one point a lady grabbed a huge handful, slammed it down infront of me and said, “You count it.” 106 sheets, people. Nobody needed this paper for six months but now, oh NOW we need 106 sheets! I marvel at the madness. Needless to say, we sold every single sheet today. Hours later, people were asking me if we still had paper for a penny.

I will be so glad to be done with this process. If I have to price check a 21 cent piece of paper one more time…also, add in the comment, “Ooo…21 cents? I think I’ll pass.” It’s 70% off! JUST BUY IT! Geez.

I think my brain melted a little during my shift today but the good news is, I survived and I’m still breathing…through one nostril, but still, breathing. I’ve got a big open house early in the morning so I’m checking out at an uncharacteristically early hour.

Tomorrow is the big day, dudes. Open House, Birthday, Cloverfield and LOST all in one day. Can we survive? What is the monster that’s eating NYC? Who is in the coffin? Just how many cupcakes does one girl need? Is Desmond going to swim back up, hike across the island and make it all the way to the losties BEFORE Jack makes his big decision? SO MANY QUESTIONS!


One response to “Penny for what’s left of your rotting brain!

  1. KJ

    I have always said that people love free (or almost free) stuff. Doesn’t matter what it is, doesn’t matter what it’s for. Slap the word free on a piece of crap and people are all over it. Craziness!

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